Women having consult with neuro eye specialist Lancashire


A sub-specialty of Neurology and Ophthalmology

focusing on visual problems

neuro ophthalmology Merseyside

iSIGHT Clinics Neuro-ophthalmology service is run by Miss Carmel Noonan supported by our in-house  Orthoptists.


Neuro-ophthalmology is a sub specialty of both n

Neurology and Ophthalmology which looks at vision problems which relate to your nervous system.

These can include vision problems due to brain injuries or diseases, including trauma, a stroke, or an infection, problems with the optic nerve or by nerve paralysis, thyroid disease, Strabismus.

Problems or changes may also happen for unexplained reasons. Symptoms can include changes to eye movement, double vision, loss of sight or other visual disturbances.

Miss Noonan can diagnose and treat diseases that affect your sight and the movement of your eyes.

iSIGHT Clinic can provide a specialist diagnostic, monitoring and treatment service for a range of visual conditions brought on by damage to the brain and nervous system.