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Women using devices after refractive lens exchange surgery

Private Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery

Specialists in refractive lens surgery

Lancashire & Merseyside

Refractive lens surgery, or refractive lens exchange as it is also known, is a great treatment for a number of eye conditions. We implement refractive lens exchange surgery daily to help our patients, below are some of the common conditions.

  • Refractive surgery for hyperopia

  • Refractive surgery for astigmatism

  • Refractive surgery for myopia 

  • Refractive surgery for presbyopia

 RLE surgery can also be a great solution if your consultant has said you are not suitable for laser eye surgery.

Benefits Of Refractive Eye Surgery (RLE eye surgery)

Refractive Lens Surgery Merseyside & Lancashire

Refractive lens surgery (RLE), also known as lens replacement, swaps your eyes' clear natural lens with a plastic artificial intraocular lens (IOL) to correct any refractive errors.


Alternatively, the replacement IOL lenses can be calculated/designed to correct long sight, short sight, and astigmatism. They can also be selected to create monovision, where one eye is focused for distant vision and the other eye for near vision.  Refractive lenses can be used to create monovision.


95% of patients are glasses free following RLE surgery.


If you are over 50 years of age and have a glasses prescription higher than the normal
range for laser eye surgery, you may be suitable for RLE surgery.

You may not be suitable for multifocal IOL
implantation if you have pre-existing problems with
your eye health.

Surgeon performing rle surgery Lancashire

Refractive Lens Exchange FAQ's

Is Lens Replacement Surgery Safe?

The refractive lens exchange procedure is known as one of the safest approaches and allows for patients to continue with normal life usually within just a few days. There can be itchiness and minor irritation for a few days, but this can be reduced with further treatment.

How Much Does Lens Replacement Surgery Cost UK?

Refractive lens exchange at iSIGHT Clinics costs £2750, this includes two post-operative visits, (additional fee for choice of lens). This is very competitive relative to other eye care providers within the UK.

How Does Lens Replacement Work?

The refractive lens exchange procedure works by removing the eyes natural lens and replacing with an artificial intraocular lens known as an IOL.

What To Expect After Lens Replacement Surgery?

After your refractive lens exchange procedure there may be minor irritation, redness and itchiness as your anaesthetic wears off. We can provide pain-relief to support your recovery if need be. 


You will then have two post-operative visits to check your eye is healing and everything looks well. Please allow yourself time to recharge and recover post-surgery, avoid strenuous activity and within a few days you should be fully recovered.

What Areas Do We Service At iSIGHT Clinics?

Our main clinic is located at Drayton House Southport, 2 Lulworth Road. We also have a clinic in Ormskirk, Hattersley House, Burscough Road. This conveniently locates us for Liverpool, Birkdale, Crosby, St Helens, Lancaster, Ormskirk & Southport enquiries.

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