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What is a Entropion?

This is a condition where the eyelid has turned inwards towards the eye, causing the eyelashes to rub against the front of your eye (Cornea). If left untreated, it can cause corneal ulcers. Symptoms may be intermittent at first.


  • Feeling that something is in your eye

  • Sticky eye

  • Some redness

  • Infection and pain at front of the eye

  • Watery eye

  • Loss of some vision



Generally due to the relaxation of small muscles and tissue around the eyelid due to ageing. Less common causes can include infection, inflammatory disease, damage or allergic reaction.


Initially, you can achieve short-term relief by simply pulling and taping your eyelid to your cheek to create tension, or you may be offered botulinum toxin injections to weaken the muscles that are pushing the lid inwards, or simply lubricating eye ointment.

Generally, however, Entropion is dealt with surgically. A small operation is performed under local anaesthetic to tighten your eyelid and return it to its former position. You may have to wear a patch overnight and then will commonly use an antibiotic ointment for a week. It is a very simple, safe procedure and most patients generally notice an improvement straight away.

ENTROPION is a very safe procedure if performed by a specialist OCULO-plastic surgeon.

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