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What is eyelid ptosis?

Eyelid ptosis is a drooping of the upper eyelid. It is usually caused by detachment of the muscle, which raises the eyelid. This may be due to ageing, trauma, contact lens wear or eye surgery. It may also be present at birth. You may be aware of droopy eyelids. This may affect your vision and you may notice that you are raising your eyebrows to lift your eyelids. This may in turn cause tiredness of your forehead muscles and extra forehead wrinkles. 

Surgery can produce a refreshed appearance of the eyelids and help to overcome the tired look to that eyelid, and eyebrow ptosis. There are several different procedures and at your first consultation Mr. McCormick will discuss which one is most suitable for you. The choice of operation depends mainly on whether you were born with the problem or if it developed later in life and how much the eyelid has drooped. 

What are the benefits of surgery?

  • The operation should lift the eyelid so that it is easier to see from that eye.

  • This may improve not only your field of vision, but also near and distance vision.

  • There will also be a cosmetic improvement by making the eyelids more symmetrical.

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