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Dry Eyes

What is a Dry Eyes?

Normally, tears keep the eye moist and comfortable, but sometimes the tear glands stop producing adequate tears or the tears dry up too quickly.

Dry eye syndrome can affect people of all ages. It is not usually a serious condition and tends to affect mainly those over the age of 50, with women being more susceptible than men. If left untreated, it can lead to complications.


Common Symptoms

  • A sandy or gritty feeling as if there is something in your eye

  • Burning or Itchy sensation in your eyes that you feel you need to scratch or rub

  • Red eyes

  • Eyes that sting, or feel as though they are burning

  • Painful eyes


At iSIGHT we offer a range of treatments and clinical services for dry eye syndrome, from the mild, to the very severe.


In severe cases we can insert a tiny plug into your tear duct to block the duct and stop the drainage. There are several options, which your Consultant will discuss with you.


Collagen plugs - ideal for short term use in warm weather and are absorbed within 2/3 weeks.

Silicone/Soft plugs - they can give relief for dry eyes for up to 90 days.

Form Fit plugs - can give up to 6 months relief for dry eyes and are ideal for contact lens wearers. They can be removed easily by flushing saline solution through the punctal opening.


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